Dr. Ingo Lehrke, Chief Executive Officer

Ingo joined the team in early 2019 as CEO with a view to develop and grow the company. He has been a managing director for the past 13 years as well as a shareholder in a drug delivery company. Ingo is both, science and business driven and holds a PhD in pharmaceutics as well as a Master of Business Administration. Having spent over 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry Ingo feels well prepared for this new and exciting task at Algiax Pharmaceuticals.


Stefan Fischer, Chief Financial Officer

Stefan Fischer has a degree in Business Administration and more than 15 years of experience in the life science and biotech industries. Stefan was previously the CFO of NewLab BioQuality, the biopharmaceutical analytics company founded by Dr. Schumacher, which was acquired by a large US company.

Scientific Management


Dr. Guido Koopmans, Chief Scientific Officer

From the start Guido was responsible for all R&D activities within Algiax, together and in close collaboration with Dr. Birgit Hasse he brought Algiax to the point where it is today. Guido is one of the co-founders of Algiax and is most and for all a scientist with proven technical and managerial experience in the areas of pre-clinical drug discovery and development. He has experience in a GLP, GMP and GCP environment and has highly developed knowledge of most areas of pharmaceutical development from target to Clinical Phase II. He is results driven with an entrepreneurial mindset. Guido is a PhD, with a master degree in Biological Health Science.


Dr. Birgit Hasse, Head of CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, Control) and Regulatory Affairs

As a co-founder of Algiax, Birgit was from the beginning accountable for all drug substance and drug product activities from preclinical development, manufacturing and formulation development through clinical material supplies for all clinical registration studies. Birgit has 14 years of experience in drug development and profound knowledge of the pharmaceutical and clinical regulatory environment under ICH, GCP, GMP and GLP and is responsible for the quality assurance of all activities across the portfolio/clinical development. Birgit is a PhD, with a master degree in Biology.